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Dr Debbie Ollis at the Stage One report launch on the 16th March 2016 at SHine SA.

'What do you wish your sex ed classes had actually taught you?'

If you cast your mind back to the most embarrassing subject completed at school, sex education for many people would come out on top. But a post on Reddit titled 'What do you wish your sex ed classes had actually taught you?' proves how essential school education is for providing proper information on sexuality and relationships. The Reddit article makes reference to our recent study: ‘It is not all about sex’: Young people’s views about sexuality and relationships education. Click here to read the Reddit article.


Safe Schools Program

Read Dr Debbie Ollis's AARE blog: Safe Schools Program: new research evidence highlights how much it is needed in our schools

Stage 1 Report - Radio coverage

Listen to Dr Debbie Ollis talking on Education Review radio about our Stage 1 Report.

Listen to Dr Debbie Ollis talking to 2UE's Tim Webster about our Stage 1 Report.

Stage 1 Report - Media coverage

Channel Ten's 'The Project', presented the following report on the Stage One report on the 16th March 2016: Teens want more from sex ed

The Geelong Advertiser reports that research reveals students want to learn more in sex education classes. This report was reproduced in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the Melbourne Herald, Perth Now, Brisbane's Courier Mail, and Adelaide's Advertiser.

Should porn be taught in schools?

Dr Debbie Ollis, a member of the 'Engaging Young People in Sexuality Education' research team and a Senior Lecturer in Health Education at Deakin University, was interviewed on the ABC's Radio National 'Afternoons' on Friday 20th March 2015 regarding the question 'Should porn be taught in schools?'

Listen to her discussion with Michael Mackenzie.

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