Key Researchers

Emeritus Professor Bruce Johnson

University of South Australia

Bruce Johnson is a Professor of Education at the University of South Australia where he recently completed a four year term as Dean: Research Education.

His research interests include human resilience, curriculum theory and development, school reform, and classroom management. He is a Key Researcher in the Hawke Research Institute with an active research program that includes international collaborations with colleagues in the UK.

Associate Professor Lyn Harrison

Deakin University

Lyn Harrison is an Associate Professor and Associate Head of School Research in the School of Education at Deakin University. Her research interests include: Sexuality and Gender Education; Governmentality Studies; Young People and Constructions of Risk, and Health and Wellbeing. She is currently a lead CI on an ARC Linkage project with Mission Australia titled: 'Capacity Building and Social Enterprise: Individual and Organisational Transformation in Transitional Labour Market Programs'. She is also researching a five year community capacity building project (with Debbie Ollis) at a P-12 College in Victoria developing a whole school approach to Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Dr Deb Ollis

Senior Lecturer, Deakin University

Debbie Ollis is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Deakin University. Her teaching and research interest intersect in the area of sexuality education, gender, sexual diversity, respectful relationships education (gender-based violence education), and health and student wellbeing. Debbie has a long history in the translation of her own and others research into practice through policy, teacher professional learning, teacher education and school-based curriculum in health and sexuality education. She has been the principal author of a number of sexuality education polices and resources (Talking Sexual Health 2001; Catching On 2004; Sexuality Education Matters 2103; Respectful Relationships 2014 forthcoming) having worked in policy and program development in gender and sexuality education at the State and National and International level for the past 20 years. She is an active researcher in the sexuality education field currently, working independently and collaboratively on capacity building in sexuality education; the implementation of respectful relationships interventions and the impact of pre-service teacher sexuality education programs.

Professor Colleen McLaughlin

Head of Department of Education, Sussex University, UK

Colleen McLaughlin is a professor of education at the University of Sussex. And currently head of the education department. She is also a fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the RSA. Her current responsibilities include developing new partnerships internationally and nationally for research, teacher reform and teaching and learning. She taught in secondary schools and worked as an advisor in a local education authority before coming to the then Institute of Education in 1985. Her recent research has focused on HIV education in Africa (with the Commonwealth Centre for Education at Cambridge University); bullying and pupils with special educational needs and disabilities; counselling in schools; and aspects of personal, social and emotional development in schools. Support for international educational reform is also now a major area of work. She edited the journal Pastoral Care in Education for ten years and is now an editor of the Educational Action Research Journal. She has been involved as an advisor to governments and NGOs on the personal and social dimensions of schooling. She has researched care and counselling in schools, positive alternatives to school exclusion, bystander behaviour in bullying and how universities can work in partnership with schools to generate useful educational knowledge.

Ms Jane Flentje

Teacher Education Coordinator, Workforce Development and Resources Team, SHine SA

Jane Flentje has been the Coordinator of Teacher Education at SHine SA since 2000.

SHine SA is the lead sexual health agency in South Australia. Primarily Jane’s role has involved developing relationships and sexual health training, curriculum and curriculum resources for teachers. Jane was a member of the team that developed and implemented the pilot share (sexual health and relationships education) program in 15 government secondary schools 2003-2005. She is the principal writer of the teacher resource Teach it like it is and Teach it like is 2.

Previously she was a teacher in secondary schools and a University lecturer in Pre-service teacher training.

Jane was a part of the team that developed the current South Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum framework for schools. She was one of the writers of the VicHealth Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women short course. She has also worked in both the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea in the area of HIV education.

Dr Helen Calabretto

Manager of Education, Information and Research, SHine SA

Dr Helen Calabretto, a registered nurse and midwife, is the Manager of Education, Information and Research at SHine SA and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia. She was a nurse academic for 20 years with a particular teaching focus on the health of infants, children and young people. Her main research interests include emergency contraception in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies particularly in young women, and the ethics of researching with minors. She is a member of the International Consortium of Emergency Contraception

Dr Peter Arnold

Research Associate, University of South Australia

Peter Arnold is a former Primary and Area School principal. He is currently a tutor with the School of Education and joined the Retaining Quality Teachers Project and the Engaging Young People in Sexuality Education project as a Research Associate in 2014. His PhD focused on the emotional dimension of male primary school principals' work. His current research interests include school leadership and teacher development.

Dr Leanne Coll

Lecturer in Health & Physical Education, Deakin University

Leanne Coll is a Lecturer in Health & Physical Education at Deakin University. Her research interests with young people centre on the conditions of possibility for transformational learning related to gender and sexualities in schooling. She is particularly interested in the promotion of meaningful student involvement in health and physical education research through queer action research and participatory/visual research methodologies. Leanne's PhD (in the area of Young People's Voices in Sexuality Education) was supervised by Professor Mary O'Sullivan, Dr Eimear Enright and was completed in 2015. Using Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) as a methodological frame, the purpose of her PhD was to understand and transform how sexuality education was designed and delivered in Irish post-primary schools.

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