About the logo

page_back.pngThe logo represents the complexity of sexuality education with many interrelated dimensions and issues (relationships, gender and sexual diversity, pleasure, desire, fulfilment, safety, power, control, reproduction, wellbeing, ethics, and so on).

Designed specifically for this project by Annelise Johnson, the logo conveys the idea that many of the issues in sexuality education are related (same colours). The design makes visual links to the game ‘Pick-up-sticks’. This is analogous to young people engaging with the issues around sexuality education in positive, considered and skilful ways; it implies a strength based approach involving challenge, critique, engagement, participation, and fun.

Specifically as to the title of the project

Sexuality education should be an age appropriate, culturally relevant approach to teaching about sex and relationships by providing scientifically accurate, realistic, non-judgmental information. Sexuality education provides opportunities to explore one’s own values and attitudes and to build decision-making, communication and risk reduction skills about many aspects of sexuality (UNESCO 2009. p.2).

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